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Preventing a Motorcycle Accident: Tips to Keep in Mind on the Road

Motorcycling can be freeing. The open road, a revving engine, there’s little not to like about the experience. However, riding a motorcycle can be extremely dangerous, even if you’re an experienced biker if you do not take the proper precautions. Here are some of the top tips to keep in mind as you take your next motorcycle journey.

Watch your speed.

One of the best things to keep in mind as you’re riding is to make sure you’re going slow and abiding by the speed limit if applicable. Speeding makes your reaction time more difficult, so it can result in an accident if you do not see a turn or an obstacle in the road and you don’t have enough time to stop or slow down. 

Never ride between parked cars and moving traffic.

Try not to ride between parked vehicles and moving vehicles. Even if you think it’ll save you time, you may be putting yourself at higher risk. You could get “doored,” which is when someone in a parked car on the street opens their door and hits an oncoming cyclist or motorcyclist. This can cause severe injuries to both you and the person in the car. 

Don’t ride under the influence of anything.

This should go without saying but never ride after drinking or doing any kind of drugs. It’s much easier to call a cab or a trusted friend or family member. Additionally, read the labels on your prescriptions or allergy pills and make sure you heed any warnings not to operate machinery after taking them.

Never share a lane with a car, always ride in front or behind.

Do not share a lane with a car. This means you should not ride in the same lane alongside a vehicle. This can be extremely unsafe for both you and the driver, as neither of you has the breadth needed to make important responses on the road. Always ride either in front of or behind the car or cars in the same lane as you.