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What to Expect from Accidents Involving a Semi-Truck or Commercial Vehicle

When an individual is involved in an accident with a large commercial vehicle or semi-truck, the results of that accident can be serious, if not deadly. 

Given the size and weight of a semi-truck, especially in comparison to a much smaller passenger vehicle, it is easy to see how these types of accidents can result in serious injuries and, many times, death

These accidents can occur for many different reasons, but it is often the negligence of the driver of the semi-truck or driver of the other vehicle involved that caused the accident. Occasionally, it can also be something related to the functionality of the vehicle or equipment failure that leads to an accident. 

Understanding the Cause of the Accident 

Before proceeding on an accident claim involving a semi-truck, it helps to understand the cause of the accident. Truckers are charged with handling their vehicles safely and properly, and if the trucker fails to meet a reasonable standard of care while behind the wheel, this could be seen as negligent behavior. 

Truck drivers are often dealing with a number of pressures, including driving a certain number of miles daily and receiving financial incentive to drive longer and further. These demands can lead to recklessness, including taking drugs to stay awake or speeding. 

In addition, truck drivers are required to periodically inspect their vehicles to make sure equipment is working properly and that cargo is also loaded safely and correctly. If the driver fails to conduct one of these inspections, or if he or she drives the truck despite the fact that the truck failed an inspection, the driver could be considered negligent, as well. 

Trucking Regulations 

The trucking industry is heavily regulated by a handful of governmental agencies, including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). 

The FMCSA issues guidelines and rules for all commercial vehicle operators and their companies, and these rules govern the hours of service for drivers, requirements to properly maintain the vehicles, and certain safety training requirements that all drivers must maintain to be on the road. 

These rules and regulations keep others on the road safe and also ensure that the trucking companies and their drivers are staying current on regulations. If the driver failed to follow these regulations they could be held liable for any damages caused as a result. 

Protecting the Rights of the Injured 

One problem many injured drivers involved in an accident with a semi-trailer run into is dealing with the trucking industry itself. When someone is involved in an accident with another car, a claim for injuries will be made against another individual and their insurance company. 

However, an individual hurt in a truck accident will find themselves up against a billion-dollar industry. Most of these companies already have legal teams who regularly handle these types of cases, which can make it very difficult for an unrepresented individual to receive a fair settlement. 

The trucking legal teams know how to quickly investigate an accident and also are well-versed in the defense strategies to limit their liability. It is for this reason that a personal injury attorney is always recommended in these types of cases. 

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