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What To Do If Injured By Fireworks

It’s a festive period and another time of the year that you get to see fireworks everywhere. The fireworks you see is a sign of celebration, but in as much as it triggers excitement and lights up your mood, they are also dangerous. Fireworks have every tendency of exploding, things can also go wrong and instead of going up, they come right back at you. As of last year, lots of people were injured by fireworks in the united states. Hence, you need to protect yourself and know what to do in case of any injury caused by fireworks.

What to do if injured by fireworks?

It all depends on the kind of injury you get. If it is a self-inflicted injury, while throwing your fireworks, then you will be held responsible for injuring yourself. But if you think it wasn’t out of your irresponsibility, and probably the fireworks exploded on its own causing you injuries, then you can say it is a fault from the manufacturer. At this point, you have the right to sue the store you bought the fireworks from. This might not be easy because you need to prove that the fireworks were defected from when you bought it. However, the only way you can win such a case is to prove beyond doubts that the fireworks had multiple defects when you bought it which led to your injury.

If you were a passer-by and was mistakenly hit by fireworks from some other person, you have the right to sue the person lighting the fireworks for negligence. Anyone lighting fireworks should be careful and ready to take responsibility for each of his actions.

So when you are injured by fireworks, you have the right to sew the person that inflicted the injury on you.

Types of fireworks injury

There are several types of fireworks inflicted injury which includes burns, fire outbreak, loss of hearing, loss of sight, etc. The burn is the most common because, in the case of an explosion, one can easily be burnt. Then the sound from the explosion is what causes ear damage.


Getting injured by fireworks is most common, but when you are able to protect yourself from the injuries, then you are safe. But getting injured by the negligence of someone else you have the right to sue the person involved. You can as well get a personal injury lawsuit lawyer to help you with your case. You also need to get proper treatment while you file a lawsuit.