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I Was Injured on Private Property, What Can I Do?

If you’re injured, it can be pretty traumatic, both physically and emotionally. Whether you’re injured on private property that you don’t own, it can also be pretty tricky legally. On the condition that you’re not at fault for your own injury. You may want to pursue legal action to win back some damages from your injury. However, being injured on private property, especially property that isn’t your own can be more legally complex than if you were injured on public property. So it’s important to explore and know the difference. If you were injured on private property and aren’t sure what comes next, here’s what you can do.

Common Personal Injuries

Personal injuries are just that: personal. However, a few different types of personal injuries are more prevalent in personal injury claims and negligence cases. Traumatic brain or spine injuries are rare and dangerous but make up a good chunk of personal injury cases. Due to their severity causing lifelong financial and lifestyle damages. Slip and fall injuries are by far the most common injuries, though, as they occur at a higher propensity.

Commercial Properties

On commercial properties, like stores and restaurants, the liability for a personal injury may fall on the property owner. Liability could be proven to be the property owners’. If they failed to provide a reasonable duty of care to their patrons. Like not placing a slippery when wet sign after mopping.

Residential Properties

Residential property owners face different levels of liability for personal injuries based on the type of person who is injured on their property. For invitees or people who are called onto the property for a business purpose, like plumbers, the standard of care is at a high level. Property owners must ensure that their property is safe for invitees. For licensees, like houseguests and friends, the standard of care is still high, but a simple verbal warning about unsafe conditions is enough to eliminate liability.

Potential Defenses to Be Aware Of

One of the biggest defenses, if you’re pursuing a case against a property owner, is whether or not you were trespassing on the property. If you were illegally trespassing on a residential property, the property owner has no liability for your potential injury.

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