DRAWING: Snapchatting While Driving—Just How Dumb is It?

Your clever tweet about the risks of Snapchatting while Driving could prevent a crash and win you and a friend a free dinner, limo, and more for your South Texas prom!

To enter the Prom Dinner and a Limo giveaway, simply complete this sentence in a tweet: “Snapping while driving is #JustAsDumbAs” and tag @HerrmanLawFirm.

Just fill out the submission form and include your name, school, email address and a link to your tweet to be entered for a chance to win. You must be enrolled in high school to be eligible.* It is as simple as that. If you include a photo in your tweet or tweet from Instagram, you will be entered twice.

The Prom Package Giveaway Prize Includes:

  • Full Tuxedo Rental
  • Make-up and Hair Gift Certificate
  • Dinner for Two
  • Limo Rental

Give us your most clever “DumbAs” phrase in 140 characters or fewer. Think creatively about dumb behavior and craft your words carefully. Make your tweet so memorable that others will be inspired to share your message with their network of followers. Your words might help save lives.

Our goal is to make the communities of South Texas safer by raising awareness about how dangerous it is to be Snapchatting while driving. It is as dumb as a box of dirt! To spread the word, we’ve organized a social media drawing to allow a lucky South Texan to win a full prom package giveaway.

Winner of Prom Package Picked April 15

We will draw the winner of the Prom Package Giveaway on April 15th, which is the middle of Distracted Driving Awareness Month. It is a prize that some prom party will enjoy and make more memorable their prom going experience.

Snapchat is a popular photo and video-sharing app, but uploading a photo or video while behind the wheel takes attention off the task of driving and contributes to distracted driving accidents. A 2015 study by Liberty Mutual Insurance and Students Against Destructive Decisions found that Snapchat topped the list of apps that cause the most distraction among young drivers. Crashes caused by distracted drivers can lead to serious and fatal injuries, and teen drivers are particularly at risk.

We are seeking tweets that underscore in a powerful or catchy way that behavior that causes driver distraction such as Snapchatting while driving is unimaginably dumb …  as dumb as a sack of hammers, as dumb as a wagon wheel, as dumb as a Texas prairie dog. Those analogies are well worn and not too original. Still, you get the idea. We know you can come up with much more creative and catchy DumbAs analogies!

Spread the word about the dangers of Snapchatting while Driving and get a chance to win a dinner and limo to your prom.

So you tell us —Just how dumb is Snapchatting While Driving?

*The winner of the Prom Package Giveaway drawing may be asked to provide proof of high school enrollment in order to receive the prize.