Year: 2016

Watch For Road Construction Workers

The next time you feel inconvenienced by road construction, try to put yourself in a road construction worker’s steel-toed boots. Angry sneers and obscene gestures from harried drivers are the least of the challenges that road construction workers face daily. The construction season, in many parts of the nation, is … Continue reading

This Roller System May Just Save Your Life

Over the years we have seen innovative advancements in the automobile industry to help reduce the number of fatalities on the road. They’ve added more airbags, cameras, self –parking systems, and many more attributes to help reduce the number of fatal accidents. This time, the innovation takes place not in … Continue reading

What to do After a Truck Accident

You want to call the police or state troopers. Call 911, get them out there, get the vehicle inspected. You would get his insurance information and you would contact the insurance company immediately and you’d send a letter out. You also want to talk to the driver and see what … Continue reading

Christmas Holiday Safety Tips

The holidays can be a very stressful time of year for those traveling on the road. Whether you are traveling near or far, it is important to keep in mind these basic safety tips to ensure you arrive safe and enjoy this wonderful time with friends and family. Get Plenty … Continue reading

McDonald’s Coffee Case – Know the Facts

One of the most famous lawsuits in recent history is the case of Liebeck v. McDonald’s. You may remember this case as the woman who spilled McDonald’s coffee, sued, and got millions of dollars out of it. However, that is the story mass media wanted you to hear. The story … Continue reading

When and Where Fatalities Occur

Car accidents come about by a variety of factors and circumstances. As a driver here in Texas, you may be interested to know when and where most car accident fatalities occur. Here is a list of the most deadly crashes, first broken down by road type then by the month … Continue reading

Texas Dram Shop Law: It Used to Be Great

The personal injury and property damage caused by drunk drivers can be expensive. Fortunately, a drunk driver and his or her insurance company are not the only source of financial recovery after an accident. Under certain circumstances, Texas law also allows for recovery from the person or establishment that provided … Continue reading

Lawsuits Give Voice to Those Harmed by Oil Industry

Extracting oil and natural gas from the earth can be a dangerous process. Blasting, heavy machinery, noxious chemicals, fumes that are explosive or poisonous; all these threats and more face anyone who is close to a drilling operation or refinery. The nature of the work makes safety absolutely essential in … Continue reading

Oil Output Correlates to More Car Accidents

How Increased Oil Output Correlates to More Car Accidents Involving Oil Field Workers Oil fields are considered to be hazardous work environments. As Texas oil companies increase their output towards the three million barrels a day range, we are also seeing a dramatic increase in the number of oil field … Continue reading