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Visa Gift Cards & Holiday Shopping

It is no surprise that this pandemic has had an effect on our economy, social life, and more. As we approach Thanksgiving, many of us will be celebrating this holiday differently than in past years. Where you may have usually had a large gathering with your entire family, the celebration will now probably only consist of the members within your household. And, following Thanksgiving has historically been one of the largest shopping days of the year: Black Friday. With social distancing and other restrictions, it should be no surprise that the spread of COVID-19 and the increasing daily cases have caused people to avoid brick and mortar shops, which leads us to believe that many people will likely be doing much more online shopping than they had in the past.

Gift Card or Gift?

While many people will be headed online to shop for gifts, others may decide to purchase a gift card so that their friend, family, or loved one can choose something to their liking and eliminate the stress that comes with selecting a gift.

Cons of Visa Gift Cards: The Popular Holiday Gift

Visa gift cards have always been a popular choice, likely because you can use them almost anywhere. While visa gift cards are popular, they may not be the best option. Visa gift cards carry a fee when you initially purchase them, so you’re spending more money out of pocket. Not to mention, the fees don’t just stop there. Some visa cards carry a monthly “maintenance” fee so the recipient’s could potentially lose out on some money if it’s not spent right away. These cards aren’t the easiest to use either. Many places, such as gas stations and restaurants add a pre authorized charge on cards and if this amount happens to be more than what is actually on the card, then the card is declined.

Another issue some may have experienced is that many online retail vendors only allow you to enter one card at check out. Consider this example: you have a visa gift card for $100. You find a pair of sneakers you want to buy online that cost $120. When you go to checkout, you enter your card number and your purchase is declined because you do not have the option to split the cost on more than one card. A solution we recommend here, is that you use the visa gift card to purchase a gift card from the store itself for the full amount and then use the store gift card with an additional card, and you should be able to complete your purchase.

Herrman & Herrman P.L.L.C Gift Card Giveaway

This year, Herrman and Herrman has decided to do a gift card giveaway to give back to the community this holiday season. Each participant will be entered in the contest to win a $100 Amazon gift card each week. The rules are simple: 1) like the post on Facebook, 2) tag at least 1 friend, 3) share it on their timeline and 4) submit an entry form. Followers are also given the opportunity for extra entries by hitting “LIKE” on all Herrman & Herrman social media platforms. The link to the giveaway post can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/Herrmanandherrmanpllc/photos/a.162892190391020/3919085274771674

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