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Pedestrian injured after walking into traffic

SAN ANTONIO, TX – A pedestrian was seriously injured on Saturday when he walked into oncoming traffic on Blanco Road.

The man walked into the street near 3121 Blanco Road on May 16 and was hit by a red truck. Fox San Antonio reports that the truck driver was unable to stop the vehicle in time to avoid hitting the pedestrian.

The police believe the man may have been intoxicated at the time of the accident, causing him to walk into traffic.

A woman in the truck called the police after the accident and reported that she believed the man was dead. However, when officers arrived, they found that the pedestrian was alive but in critical condition.

The police rushed the man to the hospital for treatment, but there is no additional information about his current condition.

The truck’s driver and passenger did not sustain injuries from the accident.

Disclaimer: The San Antonio pedestrian accident attorneys at Herrman and Herrman provide up-to-date accident information to help protect our community. We hope that this article will help you stay informed and keep yourself and your loved ones safe. This article is not intended to provide medical or legal advice. If you were hurt in a pedestrian accident and need legal counsel, contact Herrman and Herrman today.