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FAQ Friday with Gregory Herrman, January 26, 2018| Corpus Christi Personal Injury Lawyers

Herrman answers whether or not you are required to go to the doctors after an accident and if adjusters will believe your injury only if you go to the doctors. If you liked this video, please like and subscribe to our channel.

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well hello everybody welcome again to frequently asked questions Friday we're kind of back for a whole format today we don't have any any guests hopefully we're going to get back to that format pretty soon hoping to get some more some more candidates on I should have a better answer for you next week anyway so we're gonna try to keep it pretty short today it just got a few questions the first one is do I have to go to a doctor after my accident and of course the answer there is no you don't have to go the problem is though if you don't go to a doctor you don't get some kind of medical treatment it's gonna be real hard you know convince anybody a jury anybody else that you're hurting nothing you are injured so you know even if you don't think you're hurt you ought to go see a doctor just to make sure you know keep in mind that a lot of injuries do not manifest themselves right away and you don't feel and one of the reasons for that is is is the adrenaline is your adrenaline when your body you know goes through trauma it your body pumps out Drennan and it masks any kind of injuries it's kind of if he does any sports where they work out or anything you know you may work out and feel great and then the next morning you try to get out of bed and you can't even order to get a bed because you've never worked that muscle or you haven't worked that muscle in a long long time and all sudden now you're sore for a week you know sometimes it even takes a couple days till you feel the full soreness of it so you know if you've been in any kind of significant accident all you should go get checked out by doctor at least be sane you know if he thinks you need an x-ray or anything else MRI or something he can certainly order that but so anyway that's the answer is no you don't have to but it then of course you don't have a claim either if you weren't injured you don't have a claim so but well I guess that's the answer to that so I said so better number two then as kind of follows up on that it says do adjusters only believe my injuries if I go to a doctor and I kind of already answered and I think the answers were very simple that you know yeah not just adjusters but anybody had jury anybody's gonna find it harder to believe that you're injured if you don't go to a doctor so go doctor get checked out and if you're you know still sore injured then do it the doctor you know tells you do which is theoretically therapy I will say keep in mind that many like family doctors don't deal with trauma on an everyday basis and so you know they may say oh here take some pain pills you know take some aspirin and now prescribe some muscle relaxers or I'll prescribe some you know some kind of pain pills and that's great because it masks the symptoms and you don't you don't feel you don't feel sometimes anymore but it's not doing anything to treat the underlying cause of the injury and so what happens is especially like with muscle injuries your muscle actually actually tears and when it heals it's gonna heal with scar tissue in there and you can talk to people that have been in significant injuries didn't get therapy and years later they still feel problems they just you know don't ever get better they have to have those pains and aches and strains and tight feelings for the rest of their life but people to go to therapy the doctors will help and the massage the therapist will help get your muscles back in place and help break up that scar tissue so you won't have that kind of injury and you know in the future and so keep in mind if you just go to your family doctor who doesn't deal with trauma he's probably just gonna give you paying bills they mask the pain so you probably want to get some kind of therapy where they actually work on putting the muscle back in place and keeping the scar tissue from forming that's the key you got to keep that scar tissue from forming or you'll have lifelong injuries last question is when is a car considered total and this is very simple it's just when it costs more money to fix the car than it's worth so few cars only worth $1,000 it was kind of cost $1200 to fix it your car stolen and keeping keep it in mine also now that courts do allow for diminished value on on cars when when it's not totaled and your car gets in an accident you have it repaired on top of what it costs to fix the car and on top of the entitle to rental car while your vehicles in the shop you're not entitled to diminish value anyway promise to keep it short today so I think we're done just a couple things to keep in mind in coming up we've got our sponsorship of mere more head start had local Head Start project here in town that we sponsor and we're going to do some Easter baskets and things for them and April Austin April were sponsoring fiesta de la Flor again which is April 14th and 15th at the American Bank Center and then we're going to be a sponsor Beach today also coming up on Armed Services Day in May so until next week thank you guys again