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FAQ Friday with Mr. Gregory Herrman & Mr. Lupe Gonzalez | Corpus Christi Personal Injury Lawyers

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everybody it's frequently asked questions Friday again we're here today with Lupe Gonzalez hi everyone my name is Lupe happen here with Herman Herman for past 12 years right past 12 years look he's a legal assistant over here how long have you been in the legal field I would say somewhere between 28 and 29 years okay where'd you start out I started out at a competitor many many years ago who I'd rather not mention it was that it was not a big experience okay and then after that I went to a Windham homes for a few years I work for Joe Brad brach and prior to herrmann herrmann I worked for Charlie Webb alright um we run a little bit I'm originally from Alice Texas I've been living here in Corpus Christi for the past I'd say 25 or 26 years and where's your school went to school in Alice Alice high school alright alright well let's just get get into it we run a little bit late already this morning or this afternoon we were in talking about insurance coverages let's talk about say automobiles tell us about the different types of insurance coverage you can have on on an automobile many times people will offer you an angel offerings cheapest possible price 29.95 get insurance today well that may be true people aren't getting the coverage that they need many times an agent will tell you have full coverage simply by selling them liability and collision but what they tell to but they fail to tell people is that they're not offering personal injury protection benefits underinsured motorist coverage this rental towing etc there's a bunch of coverages that aren't even offered to people and people under the assumption that they have coverage all right yeah we have class on time go I'm fully covered and then we find out they're not fully covered what they mean is they've got collision and they've got comprehensive right there that's my ability uninsured motorist is vital for everyone to have especially with the cost of health care nowadays scene hospital emergency room bills in excess of 50,000 pretty often and it gets difficult when you have a $50,000 ER bill and only $30,000 in insurance coverage what if you were this to guess what percent of people down here and you think don't have any liability coverage I'd say about 50 percent exam so many times people will loan their people to their children or friends and they don't realize that they're not listed under their insurance policy so they have a involved in a wreck it's like a the interest of people that honor that cleaning because you had an unlisted or unnamed driver in the policy or somebody who's specifically excluded exactly exam all right well that sounds a little high to me but let's say it is 50% that means if you get inclusion there's a 50% chance that the people that ran in do you have no coverage right he's limited coverage no and so that's the purpose of getting uninsured motorist coverage right and I think well the state of Texas only mandates that you carry a minimum of $30,000 with the day high priced vehicles I think it's important it will have bigger policies for instance if I go caused a wreck and I'm covered for let's say 25,000 dollars of property damage and I total someone's suburban guess you know insurance company will pay the twenty five thousand but you're gonna be out about fifty thousand a month for these apartments are expensive or the high priced vehicles are Cadillac Cadillac Alexis remember gaining that Mercedes Ferraris this goes on there are many high priced vehicles out there that you know it costed quite a bit of money yeah now there's there's an uninsured motorist coverage and then there's also underinsured motorist coverage what what's the difference from Houston uninsured motorist coverage is when the person that hit you has no insurance coverage whatsoever and you have uninsured motorist that would cover you in the same fashion as if the liability party would have insurance uninsured underinsured underinsured underinsured is if the party that caused your injury did not have sufficient coverage then under your own policy you can tap into that as well and make an additional recovery to help offset your expenses so so let's say had a million dollars in damages and the guy ran Andy has a $30,000 policy then you would hope you had some underinsured motorist coverage for the other for the deficiency here you know the other nine hundred and seventy thousand dollars okay so that's how um and uim works what about liability and it's just which which is what most days have liability how does that work well absolutely works if you are responsible for a injury or accident then your liability coverage will cover your depth of damages you caused up to thirty thousand dollars if you choose to buy a minimum limits policy and that's why it's important to buy a bigger policy because let's suppose you cause an accident where there's multiple cars involved your policy of only come for thirty thousand and you may have a hundred thousand dollars in damages that you might be responsible for and ultimately get sued if you don't have enough coverage all right what about VIP personal in your protection is a benefit that you choose to if you choose to purchase it under your policy it provides a benefit for medical expenses the minimum that they sell starts off at twenty five hundred dollars per person a lot of people have higher limits I personally have twenty five thousand and VIP benefits because I know the cost of health care out there is expensive and lots of times people come in and the other side has no exactly no coverage no time coverage at all in the situation for someone who causes your accident or injuries if they have no coverage for together whatsoever then you have to rely on your personal health insurance or any personal injury protection benefits that you may have also that's why it is important to carry uninsured motorist coverage because if you do that money insured motorist coverage that would also help you defray the cost of your medical expenses well and and the way um and new I am work is is that covers you if the other persons that followed correct what if you what if you're the one at home if you're the one at fault then your liability would take care of the other person but what about your your medical and your your lost wages and your other damages yeah it's the other if I am at fault for the accident that's why it's important to have persons your protection coverage met paid uninsured motorist coverage you know any kind of code you can get you can never have enough insurance coverage but the do um only covers if their persons at fault right right your fault one of the advantages of PIP is that it's no fault right it's no fall to provide event but see you till you don't feed your family big pay some bills with it so you can't work right your liabilities are not gonna pay you like will help also help cover your lost wages up to the minimum or the maximum at you choose most people have a minimum of 2,500 I would strongly suggest that they get five or even ten thousand dollars it covered if you talk to your agent it's not that expensive at all I used to have $2,500 so I asked my eating how much to EE she says a dollar how much to triple it she goes another dollar what I tripled it back at the time yeah okay that's two bucks I got 10,000 in coverage as opposed to 2,500 right yeah it's not like she expensive just like getting higher your limits on most things there's not much more money you know maybe maybe it's more than a dollar you know most people maybe it's ten dollars or twenty or thirty but it's still for the amount of coverage you get it's kind of ridiculously for a kind of ridiculous not together exactly alright and then what search between med payin and pipa mid-page provides payments to medical providers directly if you make a recovery that's the third party carrier and you're required to reimburse the Mednick carrier or that's pit but pays you directly regardless and it's not subject to subrogation okay brief succinct all right and if anybody has any questions they can email you it would let it go always email me at lupus at Herman and Herman calm or I kind of tease people you thought I was called on my cell phone at six eight eight lupine that's really my number all right well hopefully you won't have too many people call any questions okay Fuller's trying to wrap up your sirs we're gonna such a late start and we're almost out of time let me just mention our scholarship which we for 2019 which we had hoped to launch in January looks like it's going to be probably February until we can get that launched but just stay tuned and we'll give you the details on that and our Valentine's Day Giveaway we will post something about that later on the day I've been promised so just check back later today and we're going to start start to give away for our Valentine's Day it'll be something for like couples or something right mmm and finally just a reminder to register to vote we've got two years till the next two years to the next election well not quite two years a year and nine months or something too so but you know you have you're ready to certain way ahead of time to make sure you can you know we want everybody early voting next time so we want people voting in October or even voting by mail and September they can vote early September about mail so you know I need to be registered before that you need to be able to check and make sure you're still registered because you know the people in power and Austin keep finding ways to purge the voter rolls too you know people that think they're registered sudden they find out they're not remember also 2020 is going to be a redistricting year so whoever controls the legislature in Texas will get to control how the districts are divided up and it doesn't look like the Supreme Court's going to help us much on how bad the districts have been gerrymandered by the Republicans the lower courts have all struck it down and said that the you know the the whole intent obviously of the republican-led legislature was to carve districts out so that they could win all the time and that they can discriminate against minorities and people who tend to vote Democratic so the lower courts have struck them all down the Supreme Court either doesn't want to hear it or they've they've upheld one of them so there's still some still some appeal appellate stuff going on but it doesn't look like the Supreme Court is gonna be our friend so the best way to cure this is just go vote the bastards out of office and so that's why we need everybody registered to vote in 2020 so we can vote the bastards out of office so anyway if the em registered voters united by the unregistered vote please please get registered please convince them to go register and I think what we're gonna do is we're gonna get a you have to get licensed to believe or some kind of certificate to go out and register people to vote so we are going to get a like whatever deputized chef deputize to register people to vote so we're gonna work on something where we can actually register people to vote here and we'll post something about that in the near future - so anyway that's it for now lupa thanks for coming by I appreciate you help and I'll say goodbye to everybody the Bible and remember if you need any type of legal service we're available 24/7 always please call Herman Herman it eight eight two four three five seven all righty well until next time we'll be here yeah until next week thank somebody for tuning in and we'll see you see you next week