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Marissa Fava’s #SelenaInspiresVideo

Hi, My name is Marissa Fava.

Selena has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember!

Everyone knows me most by how big of a fan I am. There are many ways Selena is an inspiration, not only to me but to many people around the world.

Although it was a lot of fun creating this video, I want it to be clear how much Selena has always meant to me.

There are numerous things we could all learn from her and I believe it is extremely important for us to keep her legacy alive for many many years to come.

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Marissa Fava: Inspired by Salena to become a Powerful Woman

Marissa Fava: Hey, Salena taught me to be myself.

Marissa Fava: She never pretended to be anyone else.

Marissa Fava: She's the original, original.

Marissa Fava: she's been by my side as my inspiration from day one.

Marissa Fava: Salena has, to this day with her heart inspires people around the world and will continue to inspire people to be confident with who they are.

Marissa Fava: Selena has taught me to help others that way I can always be grateful for what you have and strive to be more.