4 Benefits of Motorcycle Mirrors (And How to Make Full Use of Them)

Benefits of Motorcycle Mirrors

Your motorcycle mirrors are one of your best resources to spotting potential hazards out of your immediate field of vision. Good mirror visibility is an important aspect of performance and truly contributes to overall riding enjoyment.

Position, adjustment ease, wide rearward visibility and ease of reading traffic conditions – these are the features to seek from your motorcycle mirrors. It’s unlikely you’ve consider mirror visibility when selecting your ride.

When you’re on a motorcycle, you want all of the safety features you can get. On your bike, your mirrors are an essential way of defensively riding. They allow you to see the roadway around you, notice if an emergency vehicle needs to get by, and more. You can check your blind spots and ensure that you are always ready for whatever is around you. Not all motorcycle mirrors are created equal. There may be differences between mirror manufacturers. To understand the importance of motorcycle mirrors and to know what to look for when you select mirrors or bikes, here are four benefits of motorcycle mirrors you should know.

Adjust Your Mirrors to Get the Most Out of Them

The best way to get maximum visibility out of your motorcycle mirrors is to ensure you’re placing and adjusting them carefully. Make sure you adjust your mirrors to appropriate levels for your posture, height, and the way you sit on your bike. Adjusting to this position means you’ll easily be able to see the areas behind you from your standard position on the bike.

Know About Stylistic Differences and Effectiveness

Convex and concave mirrors provide stylistic differences, but they may also provide different views of the road. Convex mirrors can show you more of your blind spots and are slightly larger than stock mirrors.

Don’t Rely Solely on Your Mirrors.

Mirrors are good, of course, and can even make or break the safety of your motorcycle. However, you cannot rely solely on your mirrors to keep you safe and to help you avoid accidents. It would help if you were driving carefully, wearing proper safety gear, and keeping on top of your motorcycle maintenance.

Stay Stable and Reduce Neck Painmotorcycle running fast on the road

Having mirrors on your motorcycle and using them properly means you should not have to crane your neck, twist your body, or otherwise shift your weight to look in the mirror and see what’s going on behind you. This can improve your stability because your weight will not pull your bike to any one side. You can also reduce neck pain by not needing to maneuver your neck in uncomfortable ways to see the traffic around you.

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