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5 Motorcycle Maintenance Tasks You Should Do Often

If you’re a motorcyclist, you already know the large responsibility that having a motorcycle can be. While dangerous, motorcycling makes for an excellent hobby and can often lead you on the best adventures. However, if you do not take proper care of your motorcycle, you may be more at risk of suffering a motorcycle accident. Here are five motorcycle maintenance tips that you should consider as a biker.

1. Inspect Your Tires

You’ve heard the saying “kick the tires,” but you should likely go a step further. Make sure your motorcycle tires have adequate air pressure and that they are free from bubbles or holes. You’ll also want to generally check out the level of wear on your tires and their surface condition. Make sure that there are no dry cracks or areas of rot.

2. Check Your Oil

Just like with a car or any other vehicle, it’s important to check your motorcycle’s oil often. If you are a frequent rider, you should check your oil once a week. If you ride less often, check it every time you want to get on the bike. Keeping your oil in check will keep your motorcycle running cleanly and properly.

3. Check or Replace Your Battery If Needed

Keeping tabs on your battery life is incredibly important. Nothing kills a ride like a dead battery. Reduce any chance of a failure on the road by checking and replacing your battery if needed.

4. Inspect the Frame of Your Motorcycle

Don’t get so lost in the inner workings of your motorcycle that you forget to inspect the actual outer frame of the bike. Take a good look and tighten screws, fasteners, and ensure no leaking oil, and that your wheels are properly mounted to the bike.

5. Change the Air Filter

Changing your air filter is imperative to the health of your motorcycle engine. Keeping it freshened and free of debris or dirt will mean that your engine stays clean and keeps working at its maximum potential.

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