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All the Safety Features in Your Car : What to Know

Being a safe driver is about more than being alert and attentive while you drive, it’s also about being familiar with the safety features included in your vehicle. If you’re feeling lost about what safety features are in your vehicle, here is a quick guide to get to know the different aspects of your car.

Air Bags

Airbags have been standard in new vehicles since 1998, so it’s very unlikely that you’d encounter a car without one in this day and age. Airbags have crash sensors that detect when a vehicle has had a collision or impact and they deploy to provide an air cushion between drivers, passengers, and the vehicle dashboard. While airbags deployment can save lives as they prevent the impact between human and car parts, they can also expand at an aggressive rate that may be damaging to children or people not wearing seatbelts.


Seatbelts are probably the most essential safety feature in your vehicle. You should always secure your safety belt when you get in the car, no questions asked. Seatbelts are equipped with a feature that locks up with sudden movement or impact so that they can restrain the person wearing the belt and prevent the possibility of being thrown from the vehicle. While the lock-up feature can also cause minor abrasion when someone is thrust against the belt, it ultimately has been integral in saving lives during car accidents.

Anti-lock Braking System

Anti-lock brakes (or ABS) prevents your wheels from locking up if you slam on the brakes. This is especially important if you are slipping or sliding on ice and need to keep your wheels mobile and able to turn against the direction you are sliding. Almost all cars on the road these days have an ABS-equipped.

Backup Cameras

Backup cameras are a newer feature but can greatly reduce the possibility of backing into another car, curb, or other obstruction by showing the driver a live view of what’s directly behind their car right on their dashboard. These backup cameras are also a city driver’s best friend, as they make parallel parking a breeze.

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