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Child Behavior & Parental Responsibility in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Being a parent is not an easy task as you are obligated to take proper care of your children. And in a case where you fail to look out for your child, you might be held responsible for whatever troubles they find themselves. In some states, they have a legal binding that parents be held responsible for every act of their child.


Personal Injury Lawsuit

In a case of personal injury, the victims are allowed to hold any party involved in their accident or injury liable for damages. This damage can be medical expenses or lost income. If the party responsible proves stubborn, you have the right to sue the person. Laying a lawsuit against the party involved will trigger the person to pay for every and suffering inflicted on you. But in the case where the party involved is a minor, who takes the blame? That’s where parental liability comes in.


Parental Responsibility

The parental responsibility laws are one in which most stares don’t joke with, because it is believed that every parent is legally responsible for every act of their children, be it criminal or civil actions. Although sometimes it may seem unfair to blame a parent for their children’s mistakes or actions, it is assumed that the child was being neglected that is the minor committed the crime. However, parents can only be held responsible if their child is a minor, but if the child is up to 18years, then that child is already considered to be an adult and will be held for any crime he/she commits.


Examples of parental responsibility

Knowing that the parental responsibility laws vary in States, let’s look at a few examples;

When a child is involved in willful misconduct that causes personal injury like accidents or property damage to another person, the parent is held responsible for such actions and made to fulfill every financial obligation that comes with the injury. In some states, they have no limit to parental responsibility, whatever personal injury or crime your child commits you are held responsible.

If your child drives your car and gets involved in an accident, the parent is held responsible for any damage caused by that child. And if a personal injury lawsuit is filed against the child, the parent will be sued and made to take up every financial obligation and in some cases, compensate the victim.



Every parent is obligated to supervise their minor child’s behavior so they don’t get into trouble. Because if your child gets into any sort of trouble with another person that results in personal injury, you as the parent will be held responsible. So, to avoid spending unnecessarily, parents are legally and religiously advice to look after their kids and never neglect them.