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Crime in McAllen, Texas

The city is placed in the Rio Grande Valley just Reynosa north, Mexico. The city of McAllen, Texas, has a very low crime rate of any metro region in the country. This is with 122 violent crimes per 100,000 locals. Actually, there were just 2 murders in all of McAllen in 2013.

It is guessed that in the first five years of the last decade the McAllen population grew tremendously. In fact, it grew by approximately sixteen percent. Since 2005 the city population has grown by approximately nine percent and continues.

In McAllen, TX the daily crimes total number is 1.03 times higher than the average Texas rate. This is 1.16 times higher than the national average. The number of daily brutal crimes in McAllen, TX is 2.87 less than the Texas average.

How safe is McAllen, Texas?

McAllen, TX is 44 percent safer than other cities in Texas. The city is 41 percent safer than other cities in the country. Consider the crime score results of Texas cities and all around America. McAllen, TX has a position of below average compared to other cities.

In McAllen, TX you have a one in 662 chance of becoming a victim of serious crime. That should make you feel a bit safer! Serious violent crime includes robbery, rape, murder, and assault. With regards to property crime, you have a one in thirty-two chance of becoming a victim. Property crimes contain vehicle theft, burglary, and theft. Overall, you have a one in thirty-one chance of becoming a sufferer of crime in McAllen, TX. This is not a very high percentage. therefore, it is considered safer than other similar cities.

Yearly Crime Rate

The number of brutal crimes in McAllen, TX  raised by forty percent. However, the crime rate in McAllen property crime has decreased by five percent year over year. The total crime number in McAllen has reduced by 3 percent. While it may not seem like much, this is a good amount of decrease.

McAllen’s full crime rate is 3 percent higher than in match to the Texas average. It is also 16 percent higher than matched to the country average. Furthermore, it’s sixty-one percent lesser than when matched to the country average. When matching property crime, McAllen comes in at 14 percent higher than the average in Texas. And still at 28 percent higher than the full national average.

McAllen Police Department Report

McAllen Police Department reported 492 fewer offenses in 2017 as compared to 2016. This is according to yearly crime statistics. More than fifty percent of that drop was represented by reducing cases of theft.

There were 75 fewer auto parts theft and 200 fewer theft vehicles than in 2016. The Police Department also reported 66 less miscellaneous thefts.

The city is also doing its part to contribute to the decrease. The city hires about 4 to 7 new officers every year to control the crime.

McAllen has a ratio of about 2 officers per one-thousand people. Rodriguez said most cities in the state, that number can’t be matched. This includes all cities South of Corpus Christi and Laredo.

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