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Crime in San Antonio Above National Average

With a crime rate of 60 per one thousand residents, San Antonio has one of the top crime rates in the USA matched to all communities of all sizes – from the little towns to the very biggest cities. One’s chance of becoming a victim of either property or violent crime here is 1 in seventeen. Within Texas, more than ninety-eight percent of the communities have a lower crime rate than San Antonio, Texas.

When you match San Antonio to other communities of a related population, the crime rate of San Antonio (property and violent crimes gathered) is quite a little higher than average.

Now let us turn to take a glance at San Antonio does for serious crimes specifically, and then how it does for property crimes. This is vital because the full crime rate can be additionally illuminated by understanding if property crimes or violent crimes are the big contributors to the crime rate in San Antonio.

For San Antonio, we found that aggressive crime rate is one of the highest in the USA, across communities of size (both little and big). Violent offenses tracked included murder, rape, armed robbery, non-negligent manslaughter, and aggravated assault, adding assault with a killing weapon. According to FBI crime data, your possibilities of becoming a victim of one of these San Antonio crimes in San Antonio is 1 in 140.

Significantly, based on the murders number reported by the FBI and the resident’s living in the city, NeighborhoodScout’s analysis presents that city experiences one of the top murder rates in the nation when matched with towns and crimes for all sizes of population, from the biggest to the smallest.

Further, NeighborhoodScout found that a lot of the crime that takes place in the city is property crime. Property crimes that are followed for this analysis are theft, burglary over 50 dollars, arson and motor and car theft. In San Antonio, your possibility of becoming a victim of property crime is 1 in 19, which is a rate of fifty-two per 1,-000 population.

We found that San Antonio has one of the top rates of motor vehicle theft in the country according to an analysis of FBI crime data. This is matched to communities of all sizes, from smallest to the biggest. Actually, your chance of getting your vehicle stolen if you live in San Antonio is 1 in 205.

Recent crime data in San Antonio

According to the SpotCrime reports receives from domestic police agencies, full crime in San Antonio, Texas is presently down by four percent when matched to the previous month.

Property crime such as burglary, vandalism, and theft is down in San Antonio, Texas. Luckily, property crime and full crime have both decreased this month, with property crime reducing seven percent when matched to the previous month.

Violent crime including robberies, assaults, and shootings is down in San Antonio, Texas. Luckily, violent crime and full crime have both decreased current month, with violent crime reducing by twelve percent when matched to the previous month.

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