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Defective Airbag Claims: A Guide

Being in an auto accident where the airbags do not deploy can be deeply traumatizing, not to mention dangerous. Being injured in an auto accident is one thing but being injured due to a safety feature not working correctly is completely different. It’s hard to know who exactly is at fault if your airbags do not deploy correctly. So here’s what you need to know, especially if you suspect that a defective airbag is to blame.

About Airbags

Airbags inflate automatically in the event of a collision, especially a head-on collision. They are intended to stop your body from hitting the steering wheel, dashboard or windshield to prevent serious injury. They can also cause potential harm to children or people who do not wear seatbelts in the front seat due to the velocity at which they inflate.

Why Airbags May Not Deploy

Sometimes airbags are not necessary. If you were not driving fast enough or did not get in a severe enough accident, they would not deploy. The airbag also won’t deploy if it does not detect a heavy enough person to take the impact from the airbag, for example like a child or a small person.

Injury From Airbags

If airbags do not deploy, it can cause serious injury. However, they may also deploy at the wrong time. Such as when you hit a curb or pothole, which also could cause injury. If the airbags deploy too late, it could also cause injury or, at the very least, not prevent injury from a collision.

What Should I Do If I Suspect My Airbags Were Defective?

If your airbag does not deploy and you believe it is because of an automotive defect, it needs to be reported to the NHTSA’s Office of Defects Investigation. If you feel like your vehicle’s manufacturer was negligent because the airbag did not deploy and they may have known about this error, you could have a case to win back compensation. You should contact an experienced personal injury attorney in your area to guide you through your case.

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