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Electric Scooter Safety Tips

There’s quite a lot of fun in electric scooter riding, but the chance of getting injured is always around. According to Statista, a study found that a total of 294 people involved in electric scooter accidents required medical care with a third of them being transported to hospital by ambulance. If you’ve got an electric scooter or you’re intending to rent one, then you must be aware of all the necessary electric scooter safety tips. One of the most important things that you should put to mind, is that your scooter is also an automotive- just like a motorcycle bike. This means that you’ll need to follow all of the safety measures that you would normally adhere to when driving or riding on the road.

Now, note that electric scooter accidents can be fatal, they still happen sometimes, irrespective of how careful you’ve been while riding. In instances like this, however, you would be significantly out of harm’s way, if you had put the necessary electric scooter safety tips to bear.

3 Essential safety measures for your electric scooter ride

There are many relevant safety tips for electric scooter use and you probably should know them, even before going to the retailer. The following are three essential safety measures for each time you’ll be making use of your electric scooter:

Always wear the right helmet

Injuries to the head are one of the most recorded injury cases associated with electric scooter accidents. Most people who fall off a moving scooter usually may hit their head against the floor or some pavements close by. Wearing a good helmet is important because it shields off the user’s head from coming in direct contact with the hard surfaces. Sometimes, it could also protect the user’s face from getting severely bruised.

Always make sure you use a helmet each time you have to use the scooter because you don’t know when it would be most useful.

It is ideal to scoot alone

The electric scooter is designed to be used by only one person at a time. This means there’s just no space for more people to join you on a tandem scooter ride. Hence, before inviting your friend to join you on the ride, think of it this way: What happens if the scooter runs off the corner? If this happens, both persons would likely get injured- and most especially the person at the back of the scooter rider.

Check the scooter tires regularly

If you’re in the habit of just jumping on to your scooter every time without checking the wheels, then you need to do better. Bad scooter tires can lead to accidents, which could also sometimes require you to pay for the damages done to other people’s vehicles. This is because once the tires of the scooter are no longer in good shape, the rider could lose control of the moving machine.

As a safety tip, however, electric scooter users should always check the pressure levels of their scooter tires before using them. This would enable you to know if the tires and their conditions are roadworthy or not.

Get a free consultation today

Note that aside from the basic electric scooter safety tips, there are other safety and precautionary measures that electric scooter users should consider. These other safety tips may, however, depend on the topography of the place where the scooter is been used, or the human population in the area, etcetera. If you have been injured by the poor use of scooters in your area, we can help you!  Contact us today and get a free consultation.