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Hidalgo County Sheriff Takes A Stance Against Terrorism

With the recent unfortunate events that occurred in El Paso, Greg Abbot Governor of Texas has formed a new task force regarding Domestic Terrorism. This task force will alleviate this frightening issue that has devastated so many. Hidalgo County Sheriff, Eddie Guerra, is officially one of the 18 members chosen to join this task force per Governor Abbot’s request. This newly formed task force will meet quarterly to discuss efforts to expand on domestic terrorism across Local, State, and Federal law enforcement agencies in Texas. The task force will have their first gathering to discuss efforts on Friday, August 30th.

Many will see this effort as being too late to make a difference now, or why the state is deciding to do this now. While the event did take the lives of 22 people in El Paso, we should take this as an opportunity for the government to not just use words but apply actions as well. The formation of this task force has become a top priority for Governor Greg Abbot in keeping the Texas community safe and easing the tension and fear that surround this country. These acts of Domestic Terrorism have become an unmanageable issue over the years, for example unfortunately following the El Paso incident, early the next day Dayton, Ohio succumbed to the same tragic fate.

The best thing we can do now is to properly educate the public by properly equipping them to be trained and well prepared when this type of incident occurs. Many communities are holding active shooting training seminars for the public. Law enforcement is beginning to do their part in reducing the fear brought from the El Paso Shooting. The main purpose of the task force being formed is to bring hope that law enforcement will never need to respond to a devastating event like this again.

It’s in moments like this that bring communities together to share and support each other, Hidalgo County is a prime example of this type of support. With the area being such a huge tourist location and only minutes away from the border, safety and education are the most vital tools for this region of Texas. As for the formation of the task force, all we can say is that actions speak louder than words.