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Hit By A Company Vehicle? — Here’s What To Do!

Getting involved in a car accident is never what anyone dreams for, but sadly, it happens. When the accident is caused by a company’s vehicle, the next concern if the victim survives the crash is, who takes responsibility for the cost? Is it the driver or the company he works for? These are the usual questions that beg for answers, and everyone must know these little tricky issues. So, if you unavoidably meet with a car injury you will know your rights as well as how to press for compensations.

So, what to do if you get injured by a company vehicle.

  • First, allow your mind to be at rest knowing that the driver is a representative of that company and you are right to guess that the company is insured. In addition to that, the law recognizes the driver or the employee as a representative of the company which means the company has no other choice than to bear the brunt of any tragedy caused by their employee.
  • Once the accident is reported, the company’s immediate action is to investigate the state of the damage/injury and ascertain the cause. If it is a company that priorities its reputation, the investigation will only take a couple of hours to get rid of a possible mess.
  • However, the company’s attorney will handle the matter with thorough investigations to prove the possible causes like driver’s negligence, poor supervision on the part of the employer. Other instances where the employer may be found liable for contributory causes include: Negligent hiring culture, poor driver’s training, and poor vehicle maintenance.
  • The driver is equally liable if he is proven to have used the company’s car for his personal purposes at the time of the mishap. Even when the driver is guilty, the employer is not exonerated because the law will fault his poor supervision and failure to monitor the driver’s records. Whatever the case, the company will take care of the victim’s health wages and pay for other damages.

For the victim.

  • If you get hit by a company truck, call 911 and get immediate medical attention, they will also help you file your report.
  • If you are not too bad, you can take photographs of the scene and document your details. Because some companies may quickly find a way of cleaning possible pieces of evidence against them.
  • Refuse to say a word to anyone, especially the company’s claim adjuster who may work against your favor.
  • Get in touch with a commercial car accident attorney who will protect your rights and help you get your due compensations.

In summary, if you ever get injured by a company truck or any kind of vehicle, you have the right to press for claims, but you need to follow these smart steps while healing your injuries.