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How Car Seats Can Save a Child’s Life

Automobile accidents cause many injuries & deaths every year. Of course, accidents are never planned, but it is something that occurs either through the recklessness of another driver or at your own fault. Whichever way, children need to be protected from death or severe injuries during a car crash. In other to protect little ones, parents are advised to use car seats so their young can be as safe as possible.

What is a car seat?

A car seat is a seat that you put in your car for your child, the car seat acts as a restraint for your child in case of car accidents or if the car suddenly stops. Research has made us understand that car seats have reduced the rate of injuries in toddlers and infants by 80%, hence, it is important to have it in your car. Furthermore, using car seats has become a law in the United States because they have realized how safe using a car seat can be. Most people might be wondering how an ordinary car seat can save lives, however, read further and you will find answers;

How car seats save lives

For your car seats to work effectively, you should be aware that it comes in different kinds, with different specifications to meet the need of every child. For instance, a toddler can use a five-point harness seat comfortably, but a child who is five years and above will be better off in a booster seat.

If your child is well restrained in their car seat, the child will be protected against injuries if anything happens. When a car crashes into another car or crashes into something else it forces everyone in the car to move into any direction the car crashes into, and if a child happens to be in the car without a car seat, the child can be thrown out of the car window or sustain a severe injury, and if the accident is serious, it might lead to death.

However, if your child is well tucked in his/her car seat, the injury the child might sustain will likely be little to nothing.

Children tend to be at higher risks when they are involved in a car accident due to their small and tender body and coupled with the fact that they hardly stay put in the car. Hence, it is of utmost importance to properly restrain them in their car seats to prevent fatal damage.