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How to Identify Tire Defects and Prevent Tire Tread Separation

Tire defects and tire tread separation are serious issues that can affect the “health” of your vehicle and can cause major issues for you as a driver. If you travel at high speeds on the highway, tire tread separation can lead to loss of automobile control, resulting in extreme car accidents that affect both you and the people on the road around you. To avoid this type of auto accident, you should learn how to identify tire defects and tire tread separation. The more you know, the safer you can be. Here’s what you need to know about tire tread separation and other defects.

What is Tire Tread Separation?

Tire tread separation occurs when the belts beneath the surface of your tire’s tread come apart. This can cause the tire’s tread to come apart from the rest of the tire, which can be very dangerous. It may lead to the loss of control of your car or further traumatic damage to your tires.

How Can I Avoid Tire Tread Separation?

Tire tread separation can be caused by tire abuse and neglect, but it is more likely to have been caused by a manufacturer’s defect. When manufacturers fail to adequately fuse the tire’s tread to the belts of the tire, tire tread separation can occur. To avoid tire tread separation, you should know the warning signs so you can head to the auto shop for a fix. A common sign of tire tread separation is cars shaking at certain speeds. This shake can vary from small vibrations to more violent shakes. You may also notice a wavy pattern in the tread of your tires.

What Other Tire Defects Should I Look Out For?

Other tire defects you should look out for include punctures, bubbles on the surface of your tire, and areas where the rubber has separated from the wheel of your tire. If you notice any of these issues, you should contact a mechanic.

If you were in an auto accident and suspected tire tread separation due to a manufacturer’s error is to blame, you may also be able to pursue legal action. Contact an auto accident attorney for a consultation.

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