Motorcycle Safety on the Road!

Beautiful open country roads attract many motorcyclists to South Texas from Corpus Christi down throughout the greater Rio Grande Valley and into Brownsville, Texas. There are more than 400,000 motorcycles registered in the Lone Star State, making it the third most popular state for biking behind Georgia and California. While motorcycling may be an enjoyable and economical form of transportation, there are life-threatening risks for drivers and passengers.

The Dangers of Motorcycles

The Texas Department of Transportation reported that in 2017 more than 450 motorcyclists were killed in accidents. Another 1,887 drivers and passengers suffered from incapacitating injuries such as brain damage and spinal cord damage. These fatalities and life-altering injuries included drivers and passengers with and without helmets. The statistics for injury and death may be daunting, but there are proactive ways to protect yourself, your friends and your family, and there is help available for those who have been injured in a motorcycle accident.

Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Motorcycle safety often begins with the bike purchase. Be sure to buy and ride only what you can handle. Choose a bike that you can easily lift on and off the stand, and make sure that you are able to put both feet flat on the ground when seated. Always wear a helmet, as riders without a helmet are 40 percent more likely to suffer from a brain injury during an accident than those who wear one. Get in the habit of checking the weather before heading out as rain will interfere with your vision and it will reduce your tires’ grip on the road. If you have to drive in wet conditions, avoid making sudden stop and turns, and be gentle with the throttle and steering. Be extra cautious with road hazards such as potholes and rocks. Even a seemingly harmless bump can cause your bike to spin. More than 60 percent of motorcycle and vehicle collision are the fault of the car driver, so be aware of your surroundings in front, behind and beside your bike while on the road.

Driving a motor vehicle on any roadway is dangerous. Motorcycles add an extra dimension of safety issues because of the nature of the vehicle. Motorcycles are not for everyone. You must not only be responsible when operating a motorcycle, but experience is also key. For those who grew up around dirt bikes and are used to handling a two-wheeled vehicle, riding a motorcycle may seem like second nature. However, whether you are brand new to bikes or have been around them your entire life, you must be very cautious when driving a motorcycle on the roads of south Texas.


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