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TxDOT Texas Law: Move Over or Slow Down?

Law enforcement agencies and the government have been trying so hard to help save lives from highest accidents from reckless drivers. But as the year passes by, it is realized that the law enforcement agents and traffic workers are the ones most involved in these high way accidents, hence, prompting the government to bring out a law that authorizes drivers to either move over or slow down.  Most drivers are ignorant of these laws which happens to be a bigger problem because if you are caught going against the laws, you will be forced to pay a fine.


What is a move over/ slow down law?

This is the question most people ask especially when they are caught violating the laws. It may interest you to know that these move over/slow down law vary from state to state, and every state has it’s own laws and fine attached for defaulters.

However, the move over or slow down law states that motorists should kindly switch lanes when they see an emergency vehicle, Like ambulance, firefighters or law enforcement agents on the road. These emergency vehicles will keep flashing their headlights so as to make a motorist aware of them and move over to another lane. If at the time you notice the emergency vehicle or law enforcement agent you feel it is too late to move over from the emergency and, then hit your brake and slow down.

By doing this, you are providing a safety zone for the utility workers or enforcement agents that are on the road. Sometimes you get to see people cleaning the road or a towing van packed by the side of the road, with a traffic sign to indicate that the road isn’t safe. The best thing to do is move over to another lane when you notice the signal or slow down until you have passed that area.



Why ignore the law and risk the lives of others? Ignorance is never an excuse to do some certain things, like getting involved in an accident that could have been obviously avoided. This shouldn’t be a law in the first place, every motorist should know that once you see an emergency or utility vehicle or tow vans parked by the roadside you should leave the lane for them to avoid stories. But because most people still act ignorant, drive recklessly and accidentally kill law agents, the government brought out the laws with a fine attached to it. So failure to comply, you will have to pay the fine.

Try to learn about your state’s move/slow down laws and adhere strictly to it. The safety of others lies in your hands as a motorist.