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My Child Was Injured at a School Event—Who is Responsible?

Having children means sending them to after school activities, sports, and on field trips. While these out of school opportunities are incredibly important to your child’s development into a smart, interesting, and active adolescent, these activities can also be hotbeds for accidents and injuries. If your child is injured at a school event, you’re likely going through a number of different emotions. You could be sad, scared, or angry at your child’s school. It’s important to know who is responsible, how to find help, and what your legal options are.

Common Injuries at School Events

Risks are inherent in almost all school events, even drama club! If your child is involved in a sporting activity, they may experience exhaustion or fatigue, breaking bones or spraining limbs and joints, concussions or other head trauma, or even severe and paralyzing injuries, like spinal injuries. If your child suffers any of the above types of injuries, you should seek medical attention either from an emergency medical center or your pediatrician, who can guide a treatment program.

What Are My Options?

If your child is injured at a school event, your immediate feeling may be to take legal action against your child’s school. However, you must know that suing a school, especially a public school, is a very large undertaking. Public schools are typically shielded from legal action because they are considered government agencies. Additionally, if your child has decided to take part in an after-school activity, you often have to sign a waiver of liability. This is yet another way to shield the school from any lawsuits. However, the schools are not allowed to waive liability for injuries that do not pertain to the activity at hand. For instance, concussions are intrinsic risks of playing basketball, but other injuries may not be.

What Should I Do if My Child is Injured and I Suspect Negligence?

If you have reason to believe that your child’s injury is a result of gross negligence or that their injury is not a result of a reasonable risk of the activity they’re taking part in, you should contact a personal injury lawyer in your area to help guide you through a case.

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