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What Are The Risks of Working on an Oil Field in TX?

The great state of Texas is oil country indeed as there many oilfields in places like the Permian basin and as a result, the companies in charge of these oilfields are in the forefront of leading what is now called the Oil boom in the US and driving the growth of the oil and gas sector, meeting the ever-growing demand by Americans for energy, and boosting the economy of both Texas and the country. What all this means is that; there are more jobs available for both skilled and unskilled labor in these, as the companies seek to meet up with demand and their goals and operate at full capacity.

While this is very good news overall, it doesn’t come with significant drawbacks especially with the issue of accidents and injuries which do happen in the field. Occupational hazard, right? Well, if you are thinking of taking up a job at one of these oilfields, you should know that even though they pay pretty, and have great benefits, the dangers that workers face could lead to life-changing injuries and could even be fatal.

To drive the point home about just how dangerous life in an oilfield can be, we found a statistic online that showed that; Texas accounts for more injuries and deaths on oilfield sites than any other state, which is up to 40% of the total deaths and injury that has occurred on oilfields in The US. Having in mind these statistics, it is important you are aware of the dangers that you could face.

Exposure To Toxic Chemicals or Fumes

Because the job involves oil and gas, it very likely that you will be exposed to toxic substances that could be inhaled or that could come in direct contact with any part of the body even the eyes. What is more worrying about this problem, is that signs of any damage to a person’s health might not show up immediately until they become a serious problem later in life.

Explosions and Fires

It is a well-known fact that that the products produced in the field are very volatile and so, it is no surprise that cases of fires are sort of common and there have been cases of serious explosions in these oilfields. Needless to say, situations like these are very dangerous and could cause physical injuries or even lead to fatality.


Burns are very common in this line of work because some of the equipment and machine that workers work with or around are extremely hot or even produce steam that typically leads to burns.

These are just some of the dangers that you could face, and the root cause of these hazards could come from; under-staffing which could cause fatigue of the workers, which makes them vulnerable to complacency, also lack regular maintenance of the equipment, none compliance to safety measures and industry best practices, or even lack of adequate training of under-skilled workers.

However, you should know that the oil companies that own these oilfields are responsible for their staff, so workers who are affected are entitled to the payment of medical bills and other financial compensations. Also, ensure you understand the terms of your contract and ensure that the company you will be working for is committed to the safety of its staff, and remember to be careful as you go about your job.