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Pedestrian Accidents at Night: What to Know

Almost nine pedestrians are struck by vehicles each hour in the United States. 12 pedestrians are killed each day. Of these pedestrian-auto collisions, many of them take place in the nighttime. If you are a driver, it is important to educate yourself on the dangers of pedestrian-involved accidents and to take caution when driving at night. Here is what you should know about pedestrian auto accidents that take place at night.

Why is Nighttime So Dangerous for Pedestrian Crashes? 

At night, there are a few conditions that create a higher chance of pedestrian-involved crashes. One of these conditions is lower visibility. The darkness makes for more visual impairment as you are on the road. People do not seem well-lit, and the visibility out of your rearview and side mirrors is almost non-existent. Additionally, at night, people have a slower reaction time than they do during the day. The small difference in reaction time can be the difference between life and death for a pedestrian walking at night. Another reason the nighttime is so dangerous for these types of crashes is that typically, nighttime is when individuals feel the most tired or fatigued. They have already had a long day, or perhaps are driving way past their bedtime, and they are tired. The condition of fatigue can reference the quality of driving and lower drivers’ reaction times, and increase the possibility of being in an accident.

How Can You Avoid Pedestrian-Involved Crashes?

As a motorist, there are a few things you can do to avoid pedestrian-involved vehicle crashes. Make sure that when you are driving at night, you drive a bit slower than you might during the day, and always abide by the speed limit. Additionally, make sure that you yield to pedestrians on the side of the street and at all crosswalks and highly-foot-trafficked areas. Another tip that you should always abide by as a driver regardless of whether it is day or night is to never drink and drive or drive under the influence of any other substances. This is better not only for you but for everyone around you as well.