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Personal Injuries 101: When You Should Talk to a Lawyer

We all hope never to be involved in a personal injury case. Whether on our own behalf or on behalf of someone else. Personal injuries occur when one party is injured or harmed by the actions or inactions of another person. Typically, personal injury cases fall into one of two categories. Intentional torts, where someone intended to inflict harm on another person. Negligence, where someone’s action or inaction caused someone’s injury or harm whether they intended it or not. If you have been injured or have a loved one who has been injured, and you expect that it may be the result of negligence. Here’s what you need to know about when you should seek the help of an attorney.

You Have Solid Evidence

You should only go to an attorney. If you think you may really have a personal injury case on your hands. If you have solid evidence of negligence that caused your harm or injury, you should book a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney in your area.

You Incurred a Large Number of Costs

If your personal injury caused you to pay a lot of money out of pocket, it might well be worth it to talk to an attorney about filing a suit. These costs may be able to be recovered through legal action. Some costs you may have incurred could be medical costs from treating your injury, property damage costs, and in the case of wrongful death of a loved one, you may have funeral costs or cremation fees.

You’re Out of Work

If you are unable to work or miss a large portion of work because of your injury and have therefore lost out on wages from your job, this may be another reason to seek legal action. You could be compensated for these lost wages if you win your lawsuit.

Who to Call

Whether you end up pursuing your personal injury case or not, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the personal injury attorneys in your area. Hence, you know who to call if you ever need to.

Contact Herrman & Herrman P.L.L.C. at 361.882.4357

Our firm is equipped with over 100 years of combined experience handling personal injury cases across Texas. Our outstanding record of favorable settlements and verdicts includes over 20,000 successfully resolved cases. Once we take on a case, we are relentless, and you can rely on us to pursue full compensation for you.

  • You can trust our attorneys to be compassionate and professional.
  • We will fight hard to obtain a fair settlement for you.
  • Our firm represents the injured and families who have lost a loved one due to others’ negligent acts.
  • We serve as counsel in a range of injury cases – including car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian accidents, premises liability cases, product liability cases, and medical malpractice claims.
  • We have the ability to dispatch the Herrman & Herrman Accident Investigative Team to the crash scene to start an investigation and preserve critical evidence.