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Potential Candidates for the 2020 Presidential Election

The United States Presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020, and with less than four months to the launch of the 2020 presidential primary season, quite the frenzy is underway. The incumbent president, Donald J. Trump is expected to retain the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, even though there have been reports that certain members of his party are grooming a shadow candidate from the establishment wings of the party to challenge him. Several people have gone on to express interest in running for the Republican ticket such as former Arizona Senator, Jeff Flake; Maryland Governor, Larry Hogan; and Ohio Governor, John Kasich.

However, all eyes are going to be on the Democratic Party to see who finally emerges as the winner of the Party’s presidential nomination ticket.

Some of the potential candidates who have either indicated interest or have been put forward by pundits include:

  1. Senator Bernie Sanders: The Vermont Senator lost out to Hillary Clinton at the Democratic Party Primaries in 2015 but is probably the most popular politician now. As one of the leading contenders for the Oval Office in the next election cycle, he has however hinted that he may not run on the Democratic ticket this time around.
  2. Senator Elizabeth Warren: The fierce Senator from Massachusetts has proved to be a thorn in the side of President Trump in the Senate so it’s no surprise she’s on this list. As one of the leading progressive voices in the Democratic Party, she’s expected to win the support of the Clinton caucus.
  3. Senator Kamala Harris: Kamala D. Harris is a senator from California who is high up on the Democrats presidential wish list and luckily for them, she hasn’t ruled out running in 2020 yet. As a black freshman senator, her candidacy almost reminds us of a young Barack Obama in 2007.
  4. Senator Cory Booker: The 48-year-old senator from New Jersey is the face of the younger generation of Democrats. As someone who isn’t shy to lend his voice to social justice issues, he also enjoys the support of Silicon Valley and Wall Street which would heavily help his campaign finance should he get the ticket.
  5. Joe Biden: He has been in public service for almost 45 years, so it’s hardly surprising that the former vice president is in the frontline for the Democratic nomination. Many people in the party establishment would have preferred him to run against Hillary Clinton in 2015 so maybe this third attempt at the Oval would be the clincher.
  6. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: Kirsten Gillibrand was first elected to the Senate to replace Hillary Clinton in 2009 when Clinton was appointed Secretary of State. She has been a major supporter of victims of sexual harassment and assault and a particularly vocal advocate of the #MeToo movement.
  7. Terry McAuliffe: Although he’s only scheduled to hand over reins as Governor of Virginia in early 2019, Terry McAuliffe already has his sights on higher ground. He has been a strong voice on gun control issues, especially in Virginia where he signed stricter regulations into law.