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Common Injuries Related to Refineries in Texas

The oil and gas sector seems to be an industry with massive growth, and most people are eager to work in that sector. But most people that work at the refineries are putting their lives at risk because there are lots of dangers they tend to face while on the job. Refinery workers risk their lives for the benefits of the community but risk their own lives. However, not only the workers are affected, people who live around the refinery areas are also affected but the workers bear the most risk.

What Accidents are Common in Refineries?

Most people are not aware of the kind of danger refinery workers are exposed to on the job, but this article will enlighten you about the dangers so just read further.


Air Pollution in Refineries 

Air pollution is very common in the refineries as they tend to release hazardous chemicals like benzene, toluene, xylene, and ethylbenzene, etc. These compounds being released by the refineries can be very dangerous to human health especially if inhaled regularly. Knowing that the refineries are the primary sources of nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide, which can cause harm to the environment. Also, it can also lead to serious health issues on anyone who inhales them regularly, therefore putting the lives of the refinery workers at risk. But most of these refineries go an extra length to lecture its workers about the dangers they might face and also provide safety equipment for them.


Acid Risk

Some workers are exposed to a more dangerous risk, like acid risk. They are exposed to more toxic chemicals that are not supposed to come in contact with the skin, thereby putting their lives in danger. Most refineries work with high acidic chemicals like hydrofluoric acid, which is very dangerous hence, they provide their workers with acid gear to reduce the risk.


Fire and Explosion

Fire and explosion seem to be the most common type of danger in the refinery sector. This is because most chemicals found in refineries are flammable and can pose a fire risk anytime. These chemicals can cause an explosion if safety measures are not taken, thereby leaving the workers at risk of being killed by fire or severely injured. However, workers need to be aware of the dangers in their job and be exposed to safety measures. They should be aware of the flammable chemicals in the refineries and not allowed to burn anything close to the refineries and also be prevented from lighting cigarettes around the refinery.



Refinery workers are exposed to lots of dangers on the job, like the few mentioned above, which can lead to several dangerous medical conditions or even death. That is why most refineries are taking safety measures to protect their workers and reduce the dangers they are being exposed to.

Contact Injury Lawyers if You Have Questions about Your Refinery Accident

The government or owners of these refineries should make sure that every one of their employees who come in contact with the dangerous chemicals, acids, and flammable chemicals are well protected. Using the right protective and safety equipment, also enlightening the workers on the risk and protective measures then the dangers are bound to reduce.


Call Herrman & Herrman if you have questions about working in a refinery, and the harsh conditions associated with day to day operations.