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Resigning From Your Job While on Workers’ Compensation? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’ve suffered an injury while working at your job, you may be feeling a lot of different emotions. Pain, anger, stress, sadness, and more can abound after you’ve suffered a work injury. You may even feel so upset that you are tempted to quit your job or resign. You may feel that you are no longer able to complete your job, either emotionally or physically. Or, you may be facing different or unfair treatment from your boss or coworkers after your accident. However, if you have a worker’s active compensation claim, it could be more complicated than you think if you want to quit your job.

When Quitting Does and Doesn’t Effect Your Worker’s Compensation

In theory, quitting your job should not have any effect on your worker’s compensation claim. Because your claim deals with a previous incident at your job. You do not need to hold that job eligible for the payout currently. However, if your worker’s compensation claim also came with disability benefits supporting you while you’re not at work, it can complicate things. Sometimes, when you resign from a job while receiving disability benefits. Your employer can claim that they have a “light duty” job that would make it feasible for them to cut off your benefits, per many disability arrangements.

How to Quit Your Job While You Have an Active Worker’s Compensation Claim

If you want to quit your job while you are on worker’s compensation. It is best to speak with a worker’s compensation attorney in your area who is better-versed in your state’s laws. They can help walk you through a resignation process and let you know what, if any benefits, may be affected by your resignation.

Best Practices for Quitting Your Job

There are some basic best practices you should follow whenever you quit your job. When you quit, you should make sure that you have another job offer lined up to become unemployed. Additionally, you should always follow your doctor’s advice and direction when it comes to deciding when you’re able to take on a different position.

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