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Seek Justice as a Former Boy Scout Who Was Abused

If you are a former Boy Scout who was abused by someone affiliated with Boy Scouts of America (BSA), the time to seek justice is now. No one should have had to endure any kind of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse as a child, especially during an activity that is supposed to be fun and instill values of trust, preparation, and survival. However, it has been found out and reported that numerous boys have been sexually abused while scouting with the BSA for almost 100 years, and that the BSA was both complacent and complicit in these abuse cases. 

Case Background

There is currently a lawsuit against BSA due to their negligence in the situations of abuse within scouting. It has been proven that they knew about sexually abusive scout leaders and staff, and even kept their names in files called the Perversion Files. This internal file has been around since the early 1920s, proving that they have missed their chance time and again to come forward about the abuse and put a stop to it. Instead, more and more boy scouts were abused while scouting. Courts have ordered release of the Perversion Files and now, abused young boys can come forward and make their claims.

Who Should Submit a Claim?

Anyone who has suffered abuse of any nature at the hands of scout masters and staff associated with BSA should come forward and make a claim against them to truly seek justice. Contact a highly-skilled attorney in your area who specializes in child sexual abuse lawsuit.

When Should I Submit a Claim?

If you’ve been abused, make a claim now. The BSA has announced their bankruptcy already, which means that it is important to make haste if you would like to be compensated. The last day to lodge a complaint against BSA and get the compensation you deserve is November 16, 2020. Act fast and get what you deserve.