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Social Media Addiction: All About the Problem and the Law

These days, people are practically controlled by their smartphones and are guided by what they see on social media. What you may not realize is that social media may be more than a pastime, it can be an addition. Additionally, it may be causing more harm than you think.

Is Social Media an Addictive Thing?

At first blush, it may seem like a stretch to say that social media could be something you could be addicted to. But, when you consider how much pull the language and trends on social media can have on your everyday life, it isn’t so hard to think about at all. People are enamored with sharing their lives online and making themselves look extreme and interesting in their social media profiles, which can cause them to do things that are dangerous.

The Dangers of Social Media Addiction

There are a number of dangerous trends in social media that have impacted people’s mental health and physical health alike. For one, social media bullying, or cyberbullying, has become a disturbing trend that has damaged the mental health and even taken the lives of children as young as 9 years old. There are also trends that involve putting yourself in physical danger, such as eating Tide Pods, consuming large amounts of cinnamon, or doing crazy stunts just for the camera to share online. Needless to say, all of these things can cause grave personal injuries, and it isn’t always clear who is at fault.

What Can You Do to Control Social Media Addiction for Yourself and Your Children

If you notice that your social media is slowly taking up more and more of your life and thoughts, it’s time to take action. Monitor your usage through a phone app or ask a trusted friend or family member to gently prod you about your usage. If you have a child, it can be even more important to be involved in their online life. Make sure you install safety features on their phone or computer that limit the use of certain websites to keep them safe.

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