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Legal Aspects Everyone Should Know About South African Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming in South Africa is subject to no strict laws, and while the government does not formally allow or prohibit such types of entertainment, there are a few details that you ought to know about the nature of the country’s laws when it comes to it.  Presently, the latest known piece of legislation ever broached by legislators is the 2014 Remote Bill, which loosely resembles the Australian Interactive Gaming Act of 2001. The bill’s language tried to establish clear-cut rules for how online casinos would operate in the country.  However, parliament has not passed the Remote Act and no mentions of the legislation’s adoption have been made ever since. This means that in 2021, South African gamers are free to place wagers as they see fit with any live casinos or mobile gaming platforms, without having to worry about the legal aspects of that.

A Few Bumps on the Road to Legalization

South Africa is open to mobile gaming. In 2008, the country created the National Gambling Amendment Act and hoped that through it, it would be able to empower the industry and allow local operators to bolster the economy.  For two years, all went well, until 2010 when the Gauteng High Court decided that the Amendment Act must be struck down and that mobile gaming would no longer be regulated under it. As a result, the country returned to a status of grey area.  Some may argue that current laws do not permit casinos to operate legally in South Africa. However, Joanna Bruce at Africa-Bet.com noted that laws regarding gambling online in the country are aimed at the online casinos offering these services, and not players themselves In other words, if you just want to play, you are absolutely entitled to, and South Africa really wouldn’t mind.  Players, though, often love to explore what’s next for the market. Before we get there, let’s take a look at what some of the most popular games are with South African gamers, and whether they have the legal basis to operate in the country.

Popular Games and Their Legal Status in South Africa

South Africa may be a “grey area” market, but operators have made sure to treat it like a fully regulated one. While there are still a few bad apples to be mindful of, the majority of companies that offer gaming products will make sure you are fully covered.  This begs the question: what games are available? The answer is – all of them. South African casinos will provide you with a variety of options when it comes to gaming, including live dealer solutions, slots, progressive jackpots, and so much more. Players are welcome to explore all of these, as they provide them with a unique opportunity to join the gaming ecosystem and enjoy them on mobile.

South Africa gambling laws

There are no shortcomings of playing any of these games from a mobile device – legal or otherwise. Operators will make sure to treat desktop and mobile users the same, and so will the law. With this in mind, slots are possibly the most played type of game on mobile devices. However, the live dealer is probably everyone’s favorite even though they require a little higher entry-level and are generally more fun to play. In summation, you can usually play:

  • Slots
  • Jackpots
  • Table Games
  • Live Dealer

The Future of South African Gambling Laws

Judging from all of this, South African gambling laws seem to be laissez-faire compared to those practiced in Thailand  The country doesn’t make too much of a point if you are playing at an international operator, as legislators themselves are not entirely convinced what to make of this.  The future of gambling laws in South Africa, though, is unmistakable. It will pivot towards legalization as this is the only way to scale up the experience, meet demand and protect consumers. While this is still a work in progress, though, many players will seek some alternatives, such as international operators.  Most of those operators are allowed to operate in the country as per the legal framework. Not all are preferable choices, but there will be a great selection of websites that will repeatedly deliver excellent, spot-on experiences for you to try. The good news is that South Africa already has responsible gambling organizations that are there to protect the interests of consumers.

There is a lot that will be happening in South Africa over the next years and gamers will definitely benefit from all new developments.