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Staying Safe This Memorial Day Holiday

Each year, millions of Americans look forward to the holiday. Often heralded as the unofficial start to summer activities: Memorial Day. Many receive the day off, spend time with family, and enjoy outdoor leisure activities. In many places, Memorial Day is also the marker for aquatic areas like pools, splash pads, and water parks to officially open their gates. However, as with all holidays, it’s important to know the best ways to stay safe while celebrating. Here are some of our top tips for being safe this Memorial Day holiday.

Practice Water and Pool Safety

While pools and water parks are fun for Memorial Day celebrations with family, it is integral to maintain proper water and pool safety. Ensure that young children are not swimming without a chaperone and that all who choose to swim are sufficient swimmers.

Grill Out Safely

One of the biggest hazards on Memorial Day is grilling. It would be best if you always remembered proper grilling safety: that means never grilling indoors, keeping your grill out from underneath low-hanging trees, protecting yourself with grilling mitts and long-handled grill tools, and always following the manufacturer’s instructions for setting up and use of your grill.

Get a Designated Driver

Many Memorial Day plans include drinking. While drinking responsibly is a popular and normal way to celebrate many life’s moments. It’s important to plan if you know you’ll be ingesting alcohol. That means you should get a designated driver ahead of time so you aren’t put in a hard position when it’s time to go home.                                

Practice Cautious Driving on Road Trips

Many families and friend groups choose to travel over the long Memorial Day holiday. It’s important that on any long drive, you stay safe. That means you should buckle up, use proper car seats for infants and toddlers, reduce distraction by staying off your phone while behind the wheel, and always practice defensive driving. If you’re going on an especially long drive, consider splitting it up into numerous drivers to avoid anyone getting drowsy as they drive.

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