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Texas Decides – Midterm Elections

The November 6, 2018 midterm elections are fast approaching, and voters’ registration had ended on the 9th of October. The upcoming Texas elections in the United States have left many speculating whether Trump’s Republican Party would win, or if it will be a smooth win for the Democrats. It’s seemingly looking like a battle, as these Texas midterm elections would decide the fate of the American future. Why are these midterm elections so important and now the focus of media attention?

The answer can only be found in the seats having been declared vacant – the House of Representatives, the Senate and State houses are what is being fought over in this year’s midterm elections. A total of 15 seats in the Texas Senate, every seat in the House of Representatives, 36 Texas seats in Congress, along with two United States Senate seat are up for grabs in the upcoming United States elections. First, many members in the United States Congress have recently retired in what has led to the vacancy of such many seats. Second, Texas’ large population is another huge factor, as it decides the national political figures who would play key roles in the nation’s national politics. Over time, the Texas midterm elections have been known to reflect the opinion of the people regarding conservative policies or otherwise.

The importance of the midterm elections in the United States and, most especially, Texas cannot be ignored nor can it be underestimated. For example, Texas midterm elections for the House of Representatives seat sets the tone for who ends up writing the laws of the country as a whole. That is not something that both the Republican Party and the Conservative Parties can walk away from. The fact that Texas engineers and steers the direction of most political conversations, having produced three United States presidents, including George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush.

Another pointer regarding the frenzy surrounding Texas midterm elections is what is known as the “Open Primary System”. Texas is one of the few 15 states where voters can move right to their polling units, request for a ballot paper, and vote for their party choice. There is no need for preregistering with your desired political party.

Deciding the future of Texas and, in general, the United States elections is no easy task, too much is at stake here, and the two main parties are ready to grab their chunk of the seats. Democrats are hoping to gain more seats due to critics’ opposition of many Trump’s policies as they bank on voters’ frustrations regarding unfulfilled Trump’s campaign promises and spontaneous decisions, and the Republicans are fighting to keep their seats in Congress and Texas’ legislative arms for as long as they can. These midterm elections set the tone for the next presidential election in the United States.

It’s really a battle for the future; no one knows the outcome, just the voters who decide who gets what. What’s known for sure is this – Texas decides, and it’s going to be interesting to watch how the midterm elections turn out for the United States.