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Texas Texting and Driving Laws

Distracted driving is one of the most dangerous things facing the roads right now. It causes a large portion of automobile accidents each year across all parts of the nation. In Texas, texting and driving are officially illegal as a means of curbing these accidents. However, many will still use their cellphones while driving because they are not clear on the rules. Consequently, this can cause even more accidents, so it’s essential to learn as much information as possible about Texas texting and driving laws.

What is Illegal?

In all parts of Texas, using a cellphone to send or receive messages is illegal. This includes all texting and social media messaging. If you are caught texting and driving, you can expect a fine of up to $99 for a first-time offense, up to $200 for each subsequent offense. Additionally, drivers under 18 are prohibited from using a cell phone in the car, and it is illegal for any driver to use a cellphone in a school zone.

What is Legal?

In Texas, there are still some ways to use cellular devices in a car legally. If you are over 18, you can use a handheld device like a cell phone to utilize GPS functionality or use music apps. However, you may still be pulled over if a police officer suspects that you are using your cellphone to text.

What Are the Dangers?

The dangers of texting and driving, and distracted driving in general, cannot be overstated. Texas has banned texting and driving due to the number of deaths resulting from distracted driving accidents. In Texas in 2016, almost 110,000 car accidents resulted from distracted driving, which led to over 3,000 serious injuries or fatalities.

If you need to send a text, get somewhere safe and bring your vehicle to a stop before sending it. And if you’ve been injured in an accident you suspect is the result of texting and driving, make sure you contact an experienced Texas personal injury attorney well-versed in the state’s laws.

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