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Facts About Texas Truck Driver Shortage

Truck driving is indeed a lucrative profession with drivers highly sorted for around the country and Texas is just another city with a high-paying job for truckers but low in availability. This has been a huge concern watching the depletion in drivers owing to several factors like retirement and having fewer qualified drivers indicating interest in the profession.

The attractiveness in truck driving.

  • In every society, the truck drivers are one of the most reliable means of transporting goods from one point to another.
  • In America, trucking is one of the sources of a booming economy and a decline in that sector is not appealing.
  • Texas is estimated to have over 50,000 jobs awaiting truck drivers, this includes sign off bonuses, free online tuition, and added incentives but still few qualified drivers respond to it.
  • Truck drivers can now be monitored with the help of some technology logging device, this is necessary to ensure they comply with job conditions and rest schedules. However, this appears not lovable to the drivers as they dislike the idea of being watched closely and may also cause some drivers to pull cold on the job.

But how bad could this shortage be?

  • Shortage in truck drivers means leaving more work for the available drivers. Because the ones behind the wheel will have to handle all the driving chores and this will lead to over-working, dealing with tired and exhausted drivers.
  • One of the reasons for this shortage is the stressful demands of the job, which make the drivers desire to change it and resort to better living conditions. This is because, the lifestyle of truck driving encourages poor eating habits, poor resting lifestyle and other personal concerns.
  • Coping with other road users is another “lump in the throat” as car drivers occasionally and impatiently cut-off trucks on the road. This is because they failed to notice that a truck will more time and space to get to a halt.
  • This shortage has made companies employ inexperienced long haul drivers and you can bet on the results.
  • Accidents are one of the effects of stressed and inexperienced truck drivers because, in Texas, records bear that the city has more truck crashes than other states.

Additionally, in the event of a mishap, you will find it needful contacting your personal injury attorney to help you with the right approach in claiming your losses.


How can the situation be improved, where do we go from here?

  • Add more flavor and flexibility. Have you considered the other gender? The women, yes! The women can handle trucking too to your amazement. Statistics present that over 8% of truckers are female drivers, so you better stop doubting…and when next you meet a female face pop up on the application site, click the offer-granted button already.
  • Keep the high pay. This has been the recent practice in Texas though with little impact but hopefully, it has attracted the women and more men will catch in.

Truck driving shortage has remained a topical concern in Texas as it drags the state’s economy but with some workable strategies like the ones discussed here, truck driver’s shortage will gradually recline.