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The Dangers of Aggressive Drivers

Every year, thousands of people die in violent car accidents. There are numerous reasons for these car crashes. Including drivers who are distracted or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, inclement weather causing poor driving conditions, and, one of the least talked about, aggressive drivers.

Aggressive drivers, or drivers who experience excessive road rage, can sometimes be as dangerous as distracted or drunk drivers. To keep yourself safe while you’re out on the road or walking as a pedestrian, it’s important to understand the facts and the dangers of aggressive drivers.

What an Aggressive Driver May Do

Not only are aggressive drivers verbally abusive, but they can also exhibit hazardous behaviors on the road. Aggressive drivers are more likely to act recklessly on the road. This includes a propensity for speeding, swerving, and running stoplights and stops signs. Even without distraction or the influence of drugs and alcohol. An aggressive driver may take more risks than a level-headed, sober driver.

Who is at Risk on the Road

When an aggressive driver is on the road and is experiencing road rage, they put both themselves and those around them at risk. Every single person is in danger when someone who is raging is at the wheel.

Aggressive drivers may cause issues when driving because of events that directly preceded them getting behind the wheel, like a fight with a significant other or an issue at work. The stress of these incidents may compound the rage, causing a driver to make risky moves with their vehicle that endanger others’ lives.

How to Avoid Aggressive Drivers

If you are out on the street as a driver or as a pedestrian, or if you know that you’re prone to be aggressive when driving as well. You should know how to avoid the dangers of aggressive driving. For pedestrians and other drivers, make sure you know the warning signs of aggressive drivers. If you see a car speeding, swerving through traffic, and not obeying traffic signs. Then it’s a good idea to distance yourself or take an alternate route if possible. Do not try to confront the aggressive driver.

If you know you can be an aggressive driver yourself, try to avoid stressful stimuli while driving. Take deep, diaphragmatic breaths to calm down. You can also avoid the need to speed by making sure you leave with enough time to get where you need to go in the time you need.

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