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Tips For Avoiding 18-Wheeler Blind Spots

Driving on the highway can be freeing and fun, especially if you’re on a road trip with friends headed to an exotic or relaxing location. However, things can turn daunting when you’re encountered with numerous 18-wheeler vehicles and you’re not sure whether or not your car is in its blind spots. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 4,136 people were killed in accidents involving large trucks in 2018. There are ways to be in the know about whether you’re in a blind spot of one of these vehicles, and knowing them will make you a more confident driver.

Avoiding 18-wheeler No-Zones

Here are a few tips for avoiding those treacherous semi-truck or 18-wheeler blind spots.

Don’t Tailgate or Follow a Large Truck Too Closely

This should go without saying, but don’t tailgate a big 18-wheeler truck. Getting too close to a large vehicle will almost guarantee that you will be invisible to the driver, and will heighten your chance of getting in a semi-truck-involved accident. Additionally, riding too close to any type of vehicle will make it more difficult for you to stop or slow down when it is called for, which could lead to more rear-end collisions.

Leave Enough Space When You Pass

For many of us, driving next to or even near an 18-wheeler truck can make us nervous. Thus, it is sometimes necessary to pass a large vehicle like this. Make sure that when or if you do pass, to give the truck enough space on all sides. Merging too quickly in front or behind the truck can cause you to enter the driver’s blind spot, which is no good for either you or the truck driver. Make a mental note to always keep at least a car and a half’s length between you and the truck to allow for any sudden braking or speeding up.

Be Aware of Turn Radius

Many semi-trucks need more space to make both right and left turns. If you want to stay out of the blind spot and away from the threat of any kind of accident, make sure you give trucks enough space to make turns and don’t try to ride alongside them while they do so. This will ensure that both you and the 18-wheeler vehicle can make turns safely.

Contact a Blind Spot Truck Accident Attorney in Texas

It is important to be aware of a truck’s blind spots or no-zones and never assume that the driver can see you to avoid blind spot truck accidents. If you involved or injured in an accident from a blind spot contact our experienced team of lawyers at Herrman & Herrman and get a free consultation.