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Traffic Changes Along U.S. 77

If you live out in the Bishop – Kingsville area then you have probably noticed the many changes occurring on U.S. 77. There are a number of traffic changes taking place as part of the $79 million dollar project to upgrade U.S. 77 between Driscoll and Kingsville.

Two of the major changes will be moving U.S. 77 southbound traffic from the frontage road to the newly constructed main lanes. Along with the all-way stop which will be re-situated at the intersection of FM 70 and the frontage road of U.S. 77 southbound.

All drivers are urged to use extreme caution when traveling down the road due to construction and the change in traffic patterns.

The changes will lead motorists through the new southbound lanes and continue on until all traffic merges to the right just north of the FM 70 overpass. Traffic will then exit and merge onto the existing U.S. 77 southbound lanes through Bishop.

There is a new ramp available for those seeking to exit U.S. 77 southbound prior to FM 70 which will take them to the Frontage Road.

There was a new overpass built on U.S. 77 at County Road 10 as part of the project. However, there is no access from Business 77 to U.S. 77 northbound at County Road 10 due to the closed underpass.

It may seem frustrating right now with the endless construction and dangerous intersections, yet, in the end, are the hopes of having an efficient and effective highway connecting one side to the other. As with any construction zone, fines are doubled. It shouldn’t take the threat of an expensive ticket to keep you from being a safe driver. However, please be aware of these new changes and pay attention to the road and any signs posted along the way. There have been a number of reported accidents in recent weeks so don’t make yourself another report and keep your eyes on the road.