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TX Highway Driving Tips

Even the most experienced drivers still feel that little panic when it comes to traveling on highways. If you interview random drivers, their major concern is usually how to adapt to the flow of traffic on the highways. While some others simply fidget at the thought of taking in all the signs, lane switch, overtaking, etc.

Notwithstanding, there’s always a way out.

Here are some tips to get you safely through highways and in no time, you will be cruising seamlessly.

Always merge at the highway speed

Everyone always advises that you merge at the highway speed; that is true. But the question is how do you determine what the highway speed is before merging? More often than not, you are likely to be at a lower speed. Therefore, you need to carefully observe the highway speed from a few kilometers away before accelerating to catch up with it. However, this won’t apply if the highway speed and the flow of traffic are wide apart.

Skilfully read and interpret highway signs

This may be a bit difficult at the beginning, but it will keep saving you throughout your lifetime. Learn what each of the highway sign represents and also understand them. You don’t want to lose concentration trying to interpret a sign on the go – it can be quite distracting and will reduce your confidence.

Never lose sight of your mirrors and blind spots

Your mirrors are your three-eyed ravens so use them often. Driving on the highway requires that you stay in touch with what’s happening in your 360. And quick shoulder checks will keep you in touch with your blind spots. Just make sure you are aware of everything going on around your car.

Maintain about 5 seconds following distance

This will give you enough time to brake or react properly to anything happening in front of you. In case you are not sure how to monitor your following distance, simply count the time difference between when the vehicle in from of you passes a milestone (light pole, billboard, etc) and when your vehicle does the same.

Plan your exist ahead of time; use your signal

It’s very risky to keep everyone on the highway in the dark as to what your moves are. If accidents occur because you switched 5 lanes at the same time, the ripple effect will be more fatal than what you can envision. Use your signal all the time and stay as close as possible to your exit plane.

Driving can be fun when you’re confident that you’re doing everything right. So take the time to master the tips and hit the road without looking back especially the dangerous roads.