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Vaping and All Electronic Cigarettes Banned by Texas A&M System

In a recent move, the Chancellor of all Texas A&M Universities has extended the no-smoking ban to include all electronic cigarettes and vaping. This includes both Texas A&M-Corpus Christi and Texas A&M-Kingsville.

Herrman & Herrman Injury Lawyers dive deeper into what caused the campus to ban in the first place.

Why is Vaping Banned at Texas A&M?

With the recent health concerns coming to the forefront with vaping and electric cigarettes and the non-disclosure of side effects the decision is a good one not just for their students, but faculty and staff and anyone visiting or working on the campuses on a daily basis.

Who Banned Vaping at A&M?

Texas A&M Chancellor John Sharp said in a memo that he wants the ban to be in place as soon as possible citing not wanting to take any unnecessary chances with the health of the students, faculty, and staff.

The Centers for Disease Control is investigating the nationwide outbreak of lung illnesses and deaths that may be tied to vaping and so far at least 12 people have died and 800 people have gotten sick in 46 states.

Cleaner Campus at Texas A&M without Cigarettes

What used to be considered as a cleaner and safer alternative to cigarettes, and to many a way to stop smoking, appears to be something that may not be the case and actually may be more harmful than originally thought.

Moving quickly to ban all forms of electronic cigarettes and vaping at all universities of Texas A&M was the right thing to do and here is to hoping that other universities not just in Texas but in other states do the same to help protect their students, faculty, and staff.

The Chancellor wants to see the ban extended to every building, outside space, parking lot, garage and laboratory within the Texas A&M system and extend to every facility of their $950 million research enterprise and all property in the 250 Texas counties in which Texas A&M has a presence.

Public awareness of this new health concern needs to be communicated to the students of all universities.