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What Happens If You’ve Been Injured By A Texting Driver?

Just about anyone can be a victim of a texting while driving accident. But, when it’s you or someone you care about, having a foreknowledge of what to do might save the day. Of course, the erring driver should be held responsible for any damage they might have caused. A distracted driving accident attorney can help make sure that the criminal is forced to pay the full amount.

However, it’s only appropriate to put certain things in perspective to protect yourself, family and loved ones. And should things go awry, these steps may also curb unnecessary difficulties and delays in handling your case.

Above all else, get necessary medical treatment

It’s not negotiable! If you can, go by yourself or get help to get you to any nearby hospital for proper examinations and treatment. Also, the attending physician may need to issue a medical report for reference. This is of the utmost priority.

A Police report is key – secure one

This will capture crucial information like the name, contact and insurance information of the offending driver as well as relevant information about any witness. Plus, if the other driver was ticketed, this report will unravel it, too.

Don’t wait for a plea before you alert the prosecutor of any injuries

Anticipate that the other driver will get a lawyer to plead their course; don’t leave things to chance. Usually, pleas are irreversible once agreed upon, so pay attention to every detail in the process.

Get in touch with witnesses to the accident and opt for written statements when necessary

Evidence is more convincing when it’s in writing. It might not hold much water to just verbally state that a fellow impaired another by texting while driving. Therefore, get this done as fast as you can and, if need be, get professional help.

From experience, witness statements are usually more accurate the earlier you get them to talk. So get to it.

The impact of accidents is seldom predictable, and getting the justice one deserves can be therapeutic in itself, especially in a preventable case such as texting while driving. An experienced car accident attorney can help you get the help you need. Contact Herrman & Herrman now.