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What Legal Options Are Available If One Gets #COVID19

With the novel coronavirus rates increasing across nations of the globe, the world seems to be unaware as to where to go and how to go about addressing it. While deep concerns have been largely expressed with regard to the spread of the virus, individuals need to be aware of the legal options available to them.

Right to Quality Healthcare

 Access to quality healthcare especially at a time like this is the right of every citizen across the globe. This right is not one that can be taken away from you or excused by the poor health infrastructure of your state/country. Where you are denied access to quality healthcare when infected with COVID-19, it becomes a violation of your right. You are opened to the option of suing to have this right enforced or the option of seeking damages if your right to healthcare is breached and damages suffered.

Breach of Duty of Care

Everyone who exhibits any symptom similar to those that have been declared for the coronavirus is entitled to be tested and if confirmed, well treated. Where you report any of such symptoms and health officials fail to test you, it amounts to a breach of duty of care on the part of the health officials. If this is you, you can institute a legal action claiming damages for any outcome that may result from such breach provided you reported the symptoms to the appropriate authority.

Professional Negligence

 Another legal option that you have if one gets COVID is in the area of treatment. The highest standard of professionalism is to be engaged when treating a person diagnosed with COVID. Where negligence on the part of a doctor or health official results in complications of a patient, such doctor or official becomes liable for the tort of negligence and damages can be claimed.

Surgical Consent

Consent with regards to the surgical operation of a person with COVID is also very important. To have you operated when infected with COVID, your consent is necessary. Where the person is an infant incapable of giving consent, the consent of his/her parents/guardian is needed. If you get COVID and operation is conducted on you without consent which results in further complications, the health officials are liable and you can sue to claim damages.

Even in these times of a global pandemic, there are still several legal options available to you if one gets COVID. Knowing your legal rights in these times is however very important if you want to explore the legal options available. Make sure you do all you can to stay safe but know that having the Coronavirus doesn’t strip you of your legal rights as a person.