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What to do if someone steals your motorcycle

In 2022, there were over 53,000 reported motorcycle thefts in the United States. That increase is 30% higher than the previous year and the highest number of motorcycle thefts since 2010. That does even mention the number of bikes stolen and not reported. If you are ever in this unfortunate situation, we have the steps to take after someone steals your motorcycle. 

Step One

Report it missing to the police. 

There are many reasons to report it to the police, but the main reason is that they can help you find it and get your motorcycle back. Reporting the bike stolen to the police also benefits you in filing a claim through your insurance. Most insurance companies will not file a claim without a police report. Another reason why filing a police report is the first thing you should do is because some states limit the time you have to report it stolen. 

Step Two

Report it missing to your insurance company. 

Unfortunately, insurance companies also have a statute of limitations on how long you have to report it missing. To file the insurance claim, you will likely need the official police report or the report number so your insurance can see the full scope of the situation. Insurance companies also use the police to report to ensure you are not committing fraud and that someone stole the bike. The insurance company will also ask similar questions to what was asked for in the police report, like the title, registration, and photos of the motorcycle. An insurance company works to prevent claims to avoid paying out money, so getting the right insurance coverage is vital. Theft protection is a few extra dollars a month, but it is worth it since motorcycle thefts are becoming more common. 

Step Three

Look for your motorcycle.

After filing the police report and insurance claim, search your neighborhood. Ask if your neighbors saw anything, and search nearby streets in case the thief ended up dumping the bike on the side of the road somewhere. You must do this as soon as possible. The longer the bike is missing, the more likely it will be gone forever.  If you find the bike on someone’s property, call the police to assist in getting the bike back. It is unsafe to invade someone’s property, and it could lead to more trouble for you. 

Step Four

Look online for the motorcycle.

Many times the stolen motorcycle is shared for sale online. Check websites like eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and any other websites where people list motorcycles for sale. Search for keywords specific to your bike and look out for any selling of individual parts from your bike. If you think you have found your bike, take a friend with you to confirm it is your bike and if it is your bike, notify the police AFTER you have left to keep yourself safe. If they are selling parts and you think it is from your bike, ask for the VIN on the motorcycle the parts are from to confirm it will fit “your bike.” 

Step Five

Share the story on social media.

Sharing a photo of your motorcycle on your social media profiles while asking your friends to share the post makes it much harder for the criminal to hide the stolen bike. Another method is to share the photos with a motorcycle page and ask if they can share them. The more people looking for your bike, the more likely someone will find the motorcycle. 


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