Thank You for Your Quick Response

I want to thank you for quickly contacting us after we sent you an email. The fast response was surprising. You called the very next morning.

We appreciate you quickly setting up my wife with therapy after the slip she suffered at HEB. Seeing her at therapy I can see in how much pain she is in. This has caused a horrible inconvenience to her life. My wife had been on your website viewing the video of concern and understanding for clients personal needs. My wife felt this was a direct message to her and that you could understand her injuries and particular situation.

When you called the very next morning it made this even more true. You have made her comfortable addressing her needs to this point and I am so thankful. I had called two other local attorneys and left messages with their secretaries for a call back. They never even returned a courtesy call to follow up.

When I heard you were from Corpus Christi I was so skeptical whether an outside firm could care to attend our needs in such a personal way. I have been wrong so far. The way you have taken care of us without even meeting us is unheard of. Its inspirational to see this in todays world of chaos and money priorities.

There is actually a person who was hurt and is in great pain, You were able to see this and I am very appreciative. We have a long road to recovery and its frustrating. We keep thinking why did HEB leave water spilled at the checkout? Why does my wife need to be in this much pain? Questions you will be able to get all the answers to, I’m sure.

I feel blessed to have come in communication with you today. You called us, cared about my wife’s pain,  had us sign a contract, set up therapy, and are getting a letter sent to HEB by the end of the day (you mentioned).

All in day “1”! I’m impressed! I cant see us working without you on our case. I hope your office can keep you assigned to our case. I know there are probably many good people in your organization but we would like to continue having contact with you. After all, we signed on because of you.

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