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Alleged DUI driver plows through bedroom, injures toddler on Wyndale St

SAN ANTONIO, TX – According to KSAT, a three-year-old girl suffered minor injuries after a driver crashed through her bedroom on the 600 block of Wyndale St on Wednesday.

The driver plowed through the front wall of the child’s bedroom around 11:30 p.m. The crash flung the girl’s bed about six feet away from where it was, covering her in debris.

A nurse happened to pass by the house shortly after the wreck occurred and extricated the child.

Following the accident, the driver attempted to flee the scene. However, police apprehended him a few blocks away.

Carlos Duran, the girl’s father, was asleep when the alleged drunk driver went through his daughter’s bedroom. He didn’t realize anything had happened until the police arrived at his house. Duran’s other two children were in another part of the home and were not injured during the accident.

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