Authorities mark 5th anniversary of No Refusal policy in Cameron County

BROWNSVILLE, TX – District Attorney Luis V. Saenz reminded residents at a press conference on Monday about the efforts of law enforcement to prevent drunk driving.

On the 5th anniversary of the institution of the year-round No Refusal policy, authorities revisited the reasoning behind the policy’s enactment. To decrease the large numbers of DWI’s that the area was experiencing prior to 2015, local authorities agreed to collaborate in addressing the issue.

The No Refusal policy means that if a person declines to take the breathalyzer test when asked by law enforcement—as is their right—the officials can draw up a warrant and take someone suspected of drunk driving to a local hospital for a blood test.

Saenz emphasized that the idea behind the policy is to keep the roads safer. He noted that with the state re-opening continuing and July 4th celebrations coming up, officials especially want to keep drivers on the roads safe.

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